What kind of club is Sportkoer?

The people in our club share the passion for dogsport and we wish to promote this field in Estonia.

To achieve this goal we are training and creating openings for top-level dogsport and also trying to support newcomers. We are mainly active in so-called working dog disciplines - IPO, FH and KK (local obedience trial)

We believe that for ensuring, that Estonian dogsport would stay viable and become even more competitive, it is crucial to find fresh newcomers - both enthusiastic people and dogs with good potential for sport.

With that idea in mind, we are organizing an unofficial tracking competition JÄLJEHUNT each fall, already 4th year in a row. This competition is meant for handlers to test theirselves with their puppies or young dogs in tracking before the actual competition level. Out of those people, who made their first performances at this competition, several have already become official champions in Estonian dogsport.

We are also conducting obedience competition for kids and youngsters each spring, the event is called JUNIOR CUP. This competition gives the younger generation a chance to try training a dog in obedience and hopefully catch some dogsport-fever while doing it ;).

In case a person has a will to start with dogsport, but lacks a suitable dog, we are happy to help him or her find a puppy with good qualities for sport and we offer our support for subsequent training starting from the very first steps.

To promote dog training and dogsport, we are making presentations and handing out booklets at various public events, for example at dog shows. A video synopsis of one of these presentations can be seen HERE.

In daily life of our club, there is of course a big emphasis on training, competing and everything that goes with that. We are regularly training tracking, obedience and protection together and also organize various official trials and competitions. As we think that it is nice to exchange knowledge and experience with other clubs and people, we also host an INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CAMP each summer. In 2013 we also organized INTERNATIONAL CACIT IPO COMPETITION, that was first one in Estonia. The local media showed great interest for this event and it also gained much attention in other countries. We believe, that in addition to providing our members great chance to compete, this kind of high-level events help to introduce and promote dogsport and dog training in general also among wider audience. Trained dogs are happier and well-mannered addition to our society.

There are 12-13 dogs and handlers participating in IPO and FH trials and competitions from our club each year, which is remarkable part of respective Estonian total numbers. In 2013 our club members won all Estonian Championships in working dog disciplines - Estonian IPO Championships, Estonian IPO-FH Championships, Estonian German Shepherds' IPO Championships, Estonian German Shepherds' FH Championships and also Estonian KK Championships.

In order to provide better possibilities for people training in our club, we are supporting 3 of our members with dog food and all additives for a year starting from September 2013. This project is made possible thanks to our partner Royal Canin Estonia. This support gives our handlers chance to feed their dogs with high quality food and save from the expences while preparing for international championships.

The trainers working in our club have gone all the way from zero to highest level in Estonian dogsport with their own dogs and therefore are able to give guidance to handlers at all times. More on our trainers can be found HERE and about the success of our club members HERE.

We are also sharing our knowlede and experience through writing articles on dog training and giving lectures and seminars on various topics. Articles can be seen HERE.

Feel free to contact us! Details can be found under Trainers' link.