belgian shepherd malinois
Vyatkins' Vesper & Reelika Reilson
                videos dog's pedigree

* Reelika & Fiona are not training actively at the club.

Important achievements and titles:

* EKL awards 2014
Best IPO dog: 1. place

* Estonian FH Championship 2014 (judge Peter Lengvarsky)
FH2 87p, 3. place

* EDÜ IPO Championship 2014 (judge Tatjana Tšernjakova)
IPO-3: 268p, TSB A (98/84/86), 1. place, champion title

* Estonian IPO Championship 2014 (judge Lene Carlson)
265p, TSB A (98/74/93), 3. place

Results from trials and competitions:

All the results can be found in database.