german shepherd
Estrellest Hurmuri Käbi & Merike Kungla
                videos dog's pedigree

* Merike & Käbi are not training actively at the club.

Important achievements and titles:

* ESLÜ awards 2014
Best tracking dog: 2. place
Best universal dog: 1.-2. place

* FCI IPO-FH World Championships (judge Bernhard Roser, Theodor Krajci)
141p (71/70), 31. place

* ESLÜ awards 2013
Best IPO dog: 2. place
Best tracking dog: 1. place

* EKL awards 2013
Best IPO dog: 2. place
Best PJK/FH team: 2. place

* Estonian IPO-FH Championship 2013 (judge Pentti Rapila)
186p (91/95), 2. place

* Estonian IPO Championship 2013 (judge Pentti Rapila, Vilve Roosioks)
IPO-3: 253p, TSB A (84/88/81), 2. place

* ESLÜ FH Championship 2013 (judge Dietmar Gebhart)
FH2: 76p, 2. place, champion title

* ESLÜ awards 2012
Best IPO dog: 5. place
Best tracking dog: 2. place

* EKL awards 2012
Best IPO/VPG team: 4. place

* ESLÜ FH Championship 2012 (judge Vilve Roosioks)
FH2: 85p, 1. place, champion title

* Estonian IPO Championship 2012 (judge Vesa-Pekka Hirvioja)
IPO-3: 245p, TSB A (84/81/80), 2. place

Results from trials and competitions:

All the results can be found in database.

Results from shows and breedingsurveys including bitework:
Date Event Judge Level Result
04.05.14 ESLÜ main speciality show Hans Ludger-Göke working bitework: excellent, releases
30.12.13 ESLÜ breeding survey Alla Petrova first time EST-1, bitework: excellent, releases

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