What is IPO? What is dogsport?

IPO (Internationale Prüfungs- ordnung) is a training discipline designed for working dogs. IPO rules contain both IPO (tracking + obedience + protection) and IPO-FH (special tracking for working dogs). IPO originates from Germany and has been developed on the basis of similar discipline Schutzhund (SchH). SchH was created in order to have a test that would help to determine, whether dogs' character was suitable for usage as a working dog and gather knowledge for making breeding choices. First SchH trial was held already in 1901. On the following link, there is more information about the history of IPO in Estonia.

Today IPO is mostly sport. As dogs are generally pack animals, attention and appropriate action provided by their owners improve the dogs' life quality. IPO training (tracking, obedience and protection) is the most natural activity for working dog breeds, as the dogs get appropriate physical and mental stimulation and their natural behaviour and drives are developed in a most suitable manner.

First levels of IPO are feasible for everyone and those who have higher ambitions, can work all the way up to World Championships. In order to be able to progress with optimal speed and fulfill the set goals, it is very important to train the dog in a right way from the start. Skilled trainers can provide lots of useful help and guidance in this process.

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