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News from 2015:


On Oct 17-18 Estonian IPO-FH Championships were held. Judge was Seppo Hursti from Finland. On two days and two different fields our club members showed great work among best local tracking teams and achieved following results:

1. Aarne Väli & Tulikuuma Sähkövirta 192p (98/94)
3. Aivo Oblikas & Daneskjold Hawk 183p (91/92)
4. Anu Oks & Estrellest Hurmuri Hundiin 173p (79/94)

Congratulations to all, great job! Aivo with Tüüp and Anu with Hundu achieved IPO-FH result for the first time. As this was also qualification trial for FCI IPO-FH WM 2016, we are also very proud as Aarne with Sannu and Aivo with Tüüp qualified for Estonian team (Aivo as reserve).

Some pictures from the championships can be seen under Photos!


On Oct 3 two teams from our club passed BH (judge Aivo Oblikas). They were:

Ratsumestarin Vox & Kairi Viherpuu
Rayntes Kaito & Tõnis Oissar

Congratulations for both of them on first landmark! Videos from the trial are visible on dogs' own pages.


This year there will be 2 breed IPO World Championships held in Finland. More attention is of course on WUSV WM, but there are also best bouviers of the world coming to compete at IPO in Masku this weekend. This competition is also special for us as Aivo was invited to judge C part! The web page of this event can be found here .


Registration for FH competition is now over and we are happy to welcome 7 tracking teams! Information about participants and fresh photos of the tracking field can now be seen on competition's page. Schedule and additional information will be added soon! Best of luck to all the competitors!


The new year has been around for a while and it is great to mention, that very strangely it has been possible to start to train tracking in February in Estonia :) (usually we have piles of snow at this time). Aivo and Tüüp have also started their season and a very fascinating training has also been filmed and can be seen at their page!

But there is also a reason to look back at the last trial season. Little summary of Sportkoer's 2014 can be found under Results at this link. And as several organizations have chosen their best sportdogs and handlers of the year 2014, most important being Estonian Kennel Union and Estonian German Shepherds' Association, the results are also listed here.

Estonian Kennel Union's awards for best sportdogs and handlers 2014:

Category: IPO
1. place Vyatkins' Vesper and Reelika Reilson
2. place Estrellest Hurmuri Hundiin and Anu Oks

Category: PJK/FH
4. place Vyatkins' Vesper and Reelika Reilson

Estonian Association of German Shepherds's awards for best dogs 2014:

Category: Best IPO dog
3. place Estrellest Hurmuri Hundiin and Anu Oks
5. place Wunderstern Joop and Toomas Kattel

Category: Best tracking dog
2. place Estrellest Hurmuri Käbi and Merike Kungla

Category: Best universal dog
1.-2. place Wunderstern Joop and Toomas Kattel
1.-2. place Estrellest Hurmuri Käbi and Merike Kungla

Congratulations for everyone!

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