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News from 2017:


22-23.07 were held Estonian IPO Championships. Judge was Daniele Strazzeri from Germany. There were 5 teams altogether from our club - 3 participated at IPO Championships level and 2 additionally in A-3 trial (IPO-3 level tracking). The results wrere following:

3. place Tõnis Oissar & Rayntes Kaito 259p (85/82/92)
4. place Aivo Oblikas & Daneskjold Hawk 257p (81/83/93)
Taivo Maar ja Ruutipussi Nuutti disq. (part C)

Tõnis & Kaito got also award for youngest dog competing and and Aivo & Tüüp shared the prize for best protection with another dog with equal points. Congratulations!

From A-3 competition the results were:
4. place Kairi Viherpuu & ratsumestarin Vox 87p
Leelet Kivioja & Toberoi Etna 60p

Congratulations to all successful teams!
Photos form B and C parts can be seen under Photos.


On July 9th Estonian Dobermann Association held their FH Championships, judge Urve Lageda. Anu and Hundu competed at FH2 level and achieved truly excellent result - 98 points that gave them 1-2. place among 8 teams. Congratulations and we hope that the rest of the tracking season will turn out as good!

All results HERE.


On May 13-14th Estonian German Shepherd's Association (ESLÜ) organized IPO competition, judge was Frederik Steen (Sweden). Tõnis and Kaito had their first start at IPO-3 level and did so well that they won! The IPO-3 result together with result from working class in main GSD speciality show gave them also Universal Sieger title 2017! Right before the show Kaito also passed breeding survey (EST-1). Congratulations, great job!

IPO-3: 1. place Tõnis Oissar ja Rayntes Kaito 271p (93/81/96 TSB A)

Video of part C can be found at Kaito's page. Photo: Agle Oissar

Together with IPO competition ESLÜ also organized competition in A-trial (IPO A part). Leelet and Yoko participated at 2nd level and achieved 2nd place with 72 points. Conratulations!


This year the IPO season started early - Aivo with Tüüp and Taivo with Ruudi participated in FMBB IPO World Championships in Halle, Germany. As we had cold spring and lots of snow, getting ready to compete was clearly not an easy task. During the performances there were nice exercises and also some smaller/bigger mistakes. We are happy and proud that both teams got lots of experience and also results from all disciplines. Estonian team placed 12th (there were 141 competitors from 39 countries). Congratulations!

71. place Taivo Maar and Ruutipussi Nuutti 248p (96/71/81)
89. place Aivo Oblikas and Daneskjold Hawk 243p (92/70/81)


As the season of 2016 has ended the time has come to make summaries and honor the best ones. Our members were successful once again:

Estonian Kennel Union's awarded best sportdogs and handlers of 2016 and in IPO category we received:

1. place Aivo Oblikas and Daneskjold Hawk
2. place Taivo Maar and Ruutipussi Nuutti

and in PJK/FH category:

3. place Aivo Oblikas and Daneskjold Hawk

Estonian Association of German Shepherds's also gave awards for best dogs and handlers of 2016:

In category Best tracking dog:

2.-3. place Anu Oks and Estrellest Hurmuri Hundiin


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