Training seminars by Aivo

Aivo has been holding seminars in tracking (A), obedience (B) and protection (C).
You can read more about Aivo's training methods for tracking from following articles and we have also separate page dedicated to tracking HERE.

Upcoming seminars:

  • Belarus March 2018 (A)
  • Finland 11-13.05.2018 (A)
  • Finland 15-17.06.2018 (A)
  • Finland 27-29.07.2018 (A)
  • Denmark autumn 2018 (A)

Past seminars:

Photo galleries from seminars linked where available

  • Viborg, Denmark 17-19.11.2017 (A)
  • Hauhovi, Finland 15-17.09.2017 (A)
  • Nokia, Finland 1-2.07.2017 (A)
  • Viborg, Denmark 26-28.05.2017 (A)
  • Vantaa, Finland 05-07.05.2017 (A)
  • Viborg, Denmark 09-11.09.2016 (A)
  • Jyväskylä, Finland 29-31.07.2016 (A)
  • Jämsä, Finland 28-29.05.2016 (A)

Participants have said ...

Natasha "Till those trainings in tracking with you we didn't even realize the process being SO INTRIGUING and CHALLENGING for both dogs and handlers! Till that time I wasn't lost by tracking, nope, I MISSED "tools", but appreciated the core, the essence of it - DOG NOSE. Now I see, what you mean, and with what I would like to feel comfortable to work."

Kasia "From speeding and over-shooting corners to tracking like this on day 4 of our training, to "passing" IPO 1 track on day 7. Can't thank you enough Aivo for the valuable tips! We are inspired to keep on tracking Aivo style!"

Jenny "Then we (and i say we loosely) did a track for dog, the comments wow dog tracked nicely b4 what have you done?? dog was extremely careful, precise, lovely corners perfect articles, i said LOL its the Aivo way of tracking great method, the perfect method, and cant thank Aivo enough for sorting the issues out there"