Mari Oblikas

trainer: obedience

judge: IPO, KK*

languages: Estonian, English


+372 52 03 --023

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Aivo Oblikas

trainer: tracking, obedience and protection

judge: IPO (FCI), KK*

languages: Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish


+372 56 210 --208

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*KK - Estonian national obedience, similar to IPO B part

As trainers in Club "Sportkoer", we are providing help to the doghandlers using our best knowledge about tracking, obedience and protection. We have trained our own dogs to the highest levels and also helped other handlers achieve their goals. This experience allows us to visualize the entire journey and the importance of every detail in it. Trainer's role is very important to novice handlers to lay the correct foundation from the start and choose the appropriate exercises and speed of progression for each puppy according to its breed and most importantly to its unique individual characteristics. On the other hand, there is also need for trainer's guidance at more advanced stages of training and "fine-tuning" the dog and the handler before the important competitions in order to be able to show their best performance. Trainer is the person who has worked with many different dogs and therefore can provide the adequate feedback from the bystander's position. Trainers together with doghandlers form the team that is required to move forward towards the desired goals.

*One training for people outside our club - 15 EUR (tracking, obedience or protection)