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News from 2011:


There was a protection training with a little bit christmas spirit on Dec 26. No piles of snow this year, only some strong wind provided by Patrick, but some dwarfs can be found still ;). Some highlights from that day can be seen also on the videos' page. We wish a joyful end of 2011 to everyone!


10-11.12 Aivo is participating in annual FCI seminar for IPO judges, held this time by Robert Markschläger, Günther Diegel and Frans Jansen. Attention all IPO and FH fans, Aivo will be certainly sharing his knowledge in future seminars :).


Kairi and Apollon vom Team Endrefalva, who have been training with us for years (with Aivo tracking and protection, Mari helping with obedience), achieved this year - on top of all - also the titles of best IPO dog and doghandler and best tracking (FH+PJK) dog and doghandler in Estonia among all breeds. Kairi and Apollon had several really good competitions this year:
- winners of Estonian Kennel Union's IPO-FH championship for all breeds
- 3rd place at the Estonian Kennel Union's IPO championship for all breeds
- champion title at the Estonian German Shepard Association's IPO championship
- 19th place at the FCI IPO-FH World Championship

Apollon is also Estonian working champion (IPO) from this year. So being first in both categories of IPO and FH is a logical outcome from this impressive competition season. Congratulations Kairi and Apollon! We are all really-really proud of you!


There is a tradition in our club, that at the end of the year we will have a party, where among all the fun, we are also analyzing the the past year and setting goals for the next one. Goals are actually really important, as they allow to see things more clearly and also assure, that the handler and trainer are both on the same page about training. We always put the goals on the paper and sign them, then this document stands as a little new year's resolution :))

In 2011 dogs and handlers from our club got really nice results from different competitions and we have also interesting season 2012 coming. If we look at our maximum goals, there will be 12 dogs going to for IPO results at different levels and 4 dogs training for FH. Of course, real life can make some corrections and this is normal, but anyhow it will be interesting to see. We are really happy that we have such a good team to train together with and support each other. In the illustrating picture, there is not the writing of the goals happening, but little training for the brains :))


Our webpage in now also in English! There are still some parts of the page under construction, but we are updating them soon!


12.11 ESLÜ organized breeding survey for geman shepherds (judge Alla Petrova, helper Rene Radala), where both protection and other parts were successfully carried out also by Veiko Väljas and Wunderstern Team Las Vegas, result EST-1. Congratulations!


JÄLJEHUNT 2011 pictures and videos are now uploaded! Filmed by Merike and photos taken by Katriin.


JÄLJEHUNT 2011 results:

1. Anu Oks & Estrellest Hurmuri Hundiin 92p
2. Julia Eesalu & Golttvizen Hof Miro 73p
3. Agle Oissar & Heleros Egeria 72p
4. Janec Mururand & Centaur 71p
5. Jekaterina Aljohhina & Allsaare Bren 63p
6. Signe Paavo & Estrellest Trago 21p

Congratulations to everyone!!
Many thanks to everyone who helped!

Pictures and videos will be added soon.


There will be a lecture about training competitive obedience in Tallinn, 24.10.2011. Lecturer Aivo Oblikas. More information on events page!


And it's time for Jäljehunt ! All participants and fans are welcome to parking lot of Statoil in Keila on 29.10 at 12.45. Participants:

Big Jäljehunt:
Merike Võsu & Pandora Solo Rigoletto

Hobby Jäljehunt:
Anu Oks & Estrellest Hurmuri Hundiin
Agle Oissar & Heleros Egeria
Jekaterina Aljohhina & Allsaare Bren
Janec Mururand & Centaur
Julia Eesalu & Golttvizen Hof Miro
Signe Paavo & Estrellest Trago


Some new results to be presented!

24-25.09 there was Estonian IPO-FH championship, judge Harri Laajajärvi:
Kairi and Apollon took part, conquered both grass and dirt fields and achieved the title! So officially:
1. place Apollon vom Team Endrefalva and Kairi Viherpuu 143p (70/73)

Big congratulations!
Aivo commented the event in Sportkoer's blog (in Estoanian).

24.09 also took place the ESLÜ breeding survey (judge Aliftina Petrova, helper Tõnis Land), where our club's dogs passed the protection part with "excellent, releases from the sleeve" and got following results:
lifetime EST-I: Wunderstern Juventus "Juss", handler Maris Luberg
first time EST-II: Lexus, handler Kadri Grisakov

Nice work!


The club now has its own blog! We are discussing both passed events and other training-related subjects there. First post is about IPO trial on 18.09. Blog is written mostly in Estonian, but some postings are also in English


Added videos from IPO trial (see Videos).


Some photos from IPO trial added under Photos.


IPO trial (judge Vilve Roosioks, helper Aivo Oblikas) was a success - 3 teams out of 4, who started, managed to work all the way to the result! Reet's dog unfortenately suffered from injury from the earlier time, that did not allow them to continue.

IPO-1: Estrellest Hurmuri Käbi "Käbi", handler Merike Kungla 258p (93/77/88 TSB A)
IPO-1: Jenos' Goldi "Fera", handler Eliko Melb 268p (87/91/90 TSB A)
IPO-3: Margman Quicken "Qukara", handler Piret Koor 233p (70/83/80 TSB A)

If you look at the statistics, Käbi is the youngest dog in Estonia, who has managed to pass IPO-1 and Fera is the first IPO-titled female malinois in Estonia ;).

Congratulations!! And keep up the good work!

We will add the photos and videos soon!


IPO trial schedule and participants added. Good luck!


Added a link to an article about history of IPO in Estonia and elsewhere. There are also videos about first IPO competition in Estonia and list of dogs, that have been awarded EST IPO CH title or reached the podium at Estonian IPO Championships. Enjoy!


Some results:

4.09 there was ESLÜ FH championship, judge Urve Lageda:
FH2: 4. place Apollon vom Team Endrefalva and Kairi Viherpuu 80p

10.09 our club had BH eksam, judge Aivo Oblikas. The event went smoothly, only the traffic part was interrupted for a short period by some really hard rain. BH results were given to:

Estrellest Hurmuri Käbi "Käbi", handler Merike Kungla
Yacheero's Ramona Rhapsody "Mona", handler Reet Kaus

Many thanks to people who helped!! (Eve, Kristiin and the family, Liis, Martin)


The tradional :) competition for young tracking dogs is coming soon - JÄLJEHUNT 2011! Read more from here


20-21.08 ESLÜ IPO championship took place. The judge was Keijo Kodis from Finland, helpers Tõnu Mägi and Tuukka Nikola.

IPO-3: 2. place ja ESLÜ title Apollon vom Team Endrefalva and Kairi Viherpuu 237p (81/83/73 TSB VH)

Congratulations to Kairi & Apollon!

All pictures from Helve


13-14.08 ESLÜ organized breeding survey and special show for german shepherds, where dogs were evaluated by Otto Körber-Ahrens from Germany. At breeding survey the helper work was done by Tõnu Mägi, at the show by Janar Klement and Rene Radala.

First time breeding survey was successfully passed by:
Characterhaus La Moon "Mooni", handler Kristiin Keernik
Margman Perlenfischer "Perly", handler Piret Koor

At the show there were:
Estrellest Amor "Amor", handler Irja Toome - protection test excellent, releases the sleeve
Margman Quicken "Qukara" - protection test not passed


05-07.08 Aivo held tracking and obedience seminar in Riga. There were many people with excellent attitude to work with dogs, who hopefully got some new ideas for future training. Aivo is sharing his thoughts under events section. Pictures here.


30-31.07 ESLÜ organized obedience and protection seminar, that was held by two men from Finland, who need no introduction - Marko Koskensalo and Hannu Liljegren. Merike participated with Käbi in both parts, as spectators, there were also Mari, Kristiin and Aivo.

Helve's photos here.


23.07 Eesti IPO championship took place. Competition was judged by Aivo Oblikas (tracking and protection) and Vilve Roosioks (obedience). Helpers were Janar Klement and Rene Radala. There were 7 participants and ja our club's results were such:

3. place Apollon vom Team Endrefalva and Kairi Viherpuu 224p (73/71/80 TSB A)
Margman Quicken and Piret Koor (38/74/67 TSB A)


According to EKU's board's decision, Club Sportkoer is now official member of EKU